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Cedarow Labradors Where soundness and temperament are most important!


Select one of the following steps:

  1. The Interview
  2. The visits with your pup (plus training session)
  3. Taking puppy home at 7 weeks
  4. Looking forward to the puppy reunion at 7-8 months of age
Buying a lab puppy should not be as simple as clicking on a breeder’s website and taking your puppy home in a week!

I know that initially it may seem as an inconvenience, but it is important for you to know that potential buyers are screened carefully by me. It is essential for me to ask you “the questions” to ensure that my lab is appropriate for your lifestyle and expectations. The interview is done by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

Some people arrive with misconceptions about labs:
”I want a lab because it has short hair and won’t shed.”
It will just shed shorter hair!

“I heard that a lab has a clean coat, so it won’t affect my child’s allergies.”
Yes, they are clean, but dog dander is dog dander!

“We figured that we could keep our lab in the crate all day because we heard that labs are easygoing and won’t mind.”
Labs are social animals and do not thrive in lonely environments!

“My spouse is afraid of dogs, but labs are so cute, I think she/he will get over it.”
Fear is fear! Your spouse needs to overcome it before you bring Rufus home!
Marion Homer with puppy
The interview is my chance “to set the record straight” so that you will get the FULL enjoyment of your future puppy. It is easy for the breeder to praise the breed...that is easy with labs...but you need to be educated about “what to expect” before you commit to purchasing a Cedarow puppy.

A $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required if you feel that I am the breeder for you, and I feel that your family would be good owners for a Cedarow labrador.
You need to interview me!

Obviously, it is important for you to know that your puppy is coming from a reliable and loving environment, and that it has been bred carefully and responsibly in order to avoid genetic problems. I will get as detailed as you want. Some clients want to see entire pedigrees and photos of the grandparents; others want to see photos of Mom and Dad and the previous litters.

At Cedarow, our puppies are socialized (very important!!), kept in a clean,
hygenic environment, and handled with love. I can assure you that each puppy gets lots of individual “cuddle time.” Moreover, when it comes to you choosing your puppy, we will guide you towards a puppy with a temperament that is suitable for you because we know your puppy!

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