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Cedarow Labradors Where soundness and temperament are most important!


Select one of the following steps:

  1. The Interview
  2. The visits with your pup (plus training session)
  3. Taking puppy home at 7 weeks
  4. Looking forward to the puppy reunion at 7-8 months of age
Mom and pups

For the first 4 weeks, our puppies are kept in a “protected environment” with their mother. All they need at this stage is Mother’s love and milk, warmth, cleanliness, and interaction with my family.

After 4 weeks, you can have your first visit with your future puppy and spend time with the litter. Although you don’t know (at this point) which puppy will be yours, this is your opportunity to socialize with each one (We use the “ribbon” method of puppy identification; each pup is identified by a different ribbon colour so that we can maintain accurate records of its weight, progress and general health, and you can also identify them.) This is the time that I help you design your puppy shopping list. I will also give you a general knowledge of the lab puppy.
Fun with puppies...
Puppy Socializing
Before your puppy goes home, a 2 1/2 hour training session is to be covered. This program will be completed according to your schedule.
  • discuss diet regimen for puppy
  • completion of paperwork
  • discuss training methods that are successful with Cedarow labs (Obviously, this is designed individually based on your amount of “dog expertise.”)
  • ...And more puppy socializing !!

Picking and going home
After temperament testing is complete, choosing your pup takes place. At this time, we schedule the litter’s first vet visit. The veterinarian visit is open to family members. You have the opportunity to see the vet check your dog and the whole litter and ask any questions.

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