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A few weeks ago a Therapy Dog volunteer shared a story with me that I must share with you. Jackie and John Robson visit Chelsey Park Nursing Home in Streetsville every other Thursday evening with their yellow labrador, Riley.  As they were leaving from their visit, one of the nurses stopped them and told them that one of the residents had been very depressed lately and had gone completely into herself and the nurses were having a very difficult time communicating with her.  The nurse asked if they would mind paying her a quick visit before they left. After sitting with Riley for a few minutes in silence, the resident reached out and began to pat Riley on the head.  “What a beautiful dog,” she said. “He reminds me of my old dog, Lance.”  She was back and began talking again.  Jackie and John smiled with delight and looked up to see the nurse who was now full of

tears. The effect that our Therapy Dogs have amazes me. The love and

joy that they bring to hundreds of seniors every week is truly wonderful.

       The St. John Ambulance Newsletter, Mississauga

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