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Poll Topic: Health Issues With Labs

Question 1:What do you think are the major health problems?

  •  Hip displasia
  •  elbow displasia

Question 2:Should breeders be doing more testing before they breed the parents?

  •  Hip elbow and eyes should be tested
  •  Some breeders are doing EIC nad heart testing

Question 3:Do you realize being over weight can cause multiple health problems?

  •  This is definitely a main cause.
  •  This also shortens their lives

Question 4:Do you realize that chemicals in our enviroment affect our dogs health, even the chemicals in water softners?

  •  Lawn Chemicals are very bad for our pets
  •  House hold chemicals can kill.

Question 5:Do we over vaccinate our dogs affecting their own immune system?

  •  Absolutely we do.
  •  We don't vaccinate our children every year.

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