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Chance and McDuff Litter born on May 17, 2012 
Home :: Media Gallery :: Present and Past Litter Albums :: 2012 Litters :: Chance and McDuff Litter born on May 17, 2012
On May 17, 2012, Chance gave birth to 10 yellow puppies: 8 boys and 2 girls.
Wilson at 7 months of age. He has the best features of BOTH his parents! He is a spectacular-looking labrador!!
Tue 25 Dec 03:23pm
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Wilson, son of Chance and McDuff
Sat 09 Feb 09:31pm
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Wilson (light green yellow male) is already at his new home.
Sun 29 Jul 03:41pm
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Teddy and Reggie at play on a hot day. Reggie went to his new home today Aug. 19th
Sat 04 Aug 05:54pm
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Teddy and Reggie and Couper on his last day before he goes to his new home.
Sat 04 Aug 05:53pm
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Reggie and Teddy enjoying chewing a stick. Teddy goes to his new home Aug. 25th.
Sat 04 Aug 06:17pm
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Reggie and Teddy after their swim.
Sat 04 Aug 06:16pm
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Teddy really loves the water.
Sat 04 Aug 06:02pm
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Teddy went in the water time and time again.
Sat 04 Aug 05:40pm
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Hi from Teddy!
Sat 04 Aug 05:40pm
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Teddy wants to play some more. It is 32 degrees today.
Sat 04 Aug 05:40pm
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Meet Reggie our beautiful and playful yellow boy
Mon 30 Jul 01:39pm
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