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In Memorium 
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We want to commemorate the memory of Cedarow Labradors that have passed on after a full life as a member of the family. This album is a dedication to their memory.


Old dogs don't die; they can't. They've merely run up ahead; they're waiting for us just out of sight. Close your eyes late at night, and you may smell her musky odour, or perhaps hear her snuffle from the next room. Pay attention, and you may feel her nose on your hand or the back of your calf. When your final day comes, you can go on to meet her; she's never left you and never will, and when you close your eyes for the last time, you'll open them again to be met with her bright eyes and wagging tail.

Old dogs don't die, at least, not those dogs who take the biggest chunks of our hearts with them when they leave us. Those dogs are inextricably part of our souls, and they go with us wherever we are. Though we may not see them, we know they're there because our heart is still beating; we still breathe, and those of us who have been truly touched by a good dog know our lives really started the day we met them.

Magnificent dogs don't die. They shepherd our dreams and only allow the good ones through the gates of our consciousness. They watch over us much as they did in life, and that moment when we step just barely outside of death or disaster, it's because they moved our feet or they stopped short in front of us as they did in life.
You see, a good dog is something given to special people. They are a gift from the universe and, though they're with us only a short time, they never really leave us. They are loyalty and love perfected, and once we are graced with that sort of love, we can never lose it. We merely lose sight of it for a time, and that is our fault; for how can love like that ever go away?

It can't. It can't, and it never will. For these brave souls trade their hearts for ours, and they beat together beyond sickness, beyond death. They are ours, and we are theirs, for every sunrise and every sunset, until the sun blazes its last, and we once again join the stars.

By Leigh Curtis,
K9 Companion Dog Training
Port Jervis, NJ
Jasper at 2 months old. She was already destined to be best friends with the children!
Thu 09 Apr 03:57pm
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"With heavy hearts, we had to say farewell to our boy, Gordie (Cedarow's Faithful Knight), on October 10, 2014."
Fri 23 Apr 09:06pm
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With Gordie, "we had an incredible 14 years together as a family."
Sun 09 Sep 04:42pm
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"Gordie was loved by so many friends, neighbours and family. He had a happy, healthy and spoiled life with us!! "(owners' loving words)
Sun 19 Nov 05:00pm
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"Gordie was an amazing dog, so gentle, so intelligent" (owner tribute March 2015). He was the son of Chinook and Kahlua, born on Sept. 1, 2001.
Mon 06 Aug 10:58pm
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"Words can’t express the happiness and joy Gordie brought to ours and our daughter’s life during his time with us" (owner tribute).
Sat 01 Sep 10:00pm
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"Mocha" (Cedarow's Three Wishes Jaryan) passed away on July21, 2013 at almost 14 yrs. "She was the dearest, gentle friend. I called her 'Mochalady' because it suited her calm, loving personality" (owner tribute).
Tue 24 Feb 09:05pm
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Dixie, the daughter of Jasmine, passed away at the age of 12 (1997-2009). "Dixie had a very sweet nature. She was very much a lady, well-mannered and sensitive. We will always remember her fondly" (owner tribute).
Fri 29 Aug 05:19am
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"Trapper" aka Cedarow Trapper John McIntyre (2005-2014) . This magnificent boy was the son of Scout and Coal.
Fri 05 Dec 03:58pm
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Trapper passed away December 2014 at the age of 9. "I loved him so much. He was such a wonderful dog. Sweet, loyal and funny" (owner's tribute).
Sat 05 Dec 03:22pm
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"Our beloved 'Toby' recently passed away (July 9, 2014) at the age of 13 years 4 months. We always got a wag, a smile, the look or even a lick, a happy dog. He had an amazing disposition, pretty special to us, loved everyone" (owner tribute Aug 2014
Thu 20 Aug 07:41am
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"Toby, Cedarow's Cosmic Creation, was the most amazing lab to us for everyone of those years. Not one day went by that he wasn’t the focal point in our life" (Aug 2014 owner's words)
Thu 20 Aug 12:41pm
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