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Contributed by: Marion

Our Summer in her 16th year passed on Jan. 13th 2013. A week earlier she was playing and retrieving at the beach. Summer not only was a very beautiful dog, but was very intelligent, and an excellent retriever in her heyday doing fly-ball and agility. She was our leader of the pack top dog until 14 years old when Jada took over her job. Excellent mother, loving, kind, faithful, and the most wonderful friend one could want. We miss her so much that it hurts and will always miss her and remember her forever. To see more pictures of Summer, go to DAMS (retired females). Fancy her great, great granddaughter will carry on Summer's line when she has her pups this year. Summer's Line......Jasmine had Flame who had Summer, who had Tessa, who had Willow, who had Storm ,who had Fancy, who will have pups this year.

Summer's athletic leap into the water
Summer and Fancy and Cricket and Scamp at the beach
Summer and friends
Summer and her great great grand daughter Fancy
Summer and her last litter 2002

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