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Tuesday, January 15 2008 @ 03:04 pm
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This and That!
We invite you to suggest names/authors of any books on labs/dogs that you have found informative and interesting. Please use the "Post a Comment" section below.

Here is a list of some recommended reading:

"Training Your Labrador Retriever" by September B. Morn. An easy read, only 151 pages, gives some practical tips on dealing with begging, jumping, and barking---of dogs, of course!

"Labrador Retrievers for Dummies" by J. Walton and E. Adamson. 20 chapters dealing with ALL aspects of lab ownership. "Puppies for Dummies" is also a good start book for the first year of the puppy's life.

"The Complete Idiots Guide to Labrador Retrievers" by Margaret H. Bonham. Although the titile of the series is really quite insulting, we have to mention this book because the information, strategies, and advice are quite excellent and worth the read.

"The Labrador Retriever Handbook" (Barron Pet Handbooks) by Audrey Pavia. You can never go wrong with this series! Great training and dog care tips. "

"The Book of the Labrador Retriever" by Anna Nicholas. This hardcover is a wealth of information. One of my favorites!

"What All Good Dogs Should Know:The Sensible Way to Train" by J. Volhard and M. Bartlett. This book came with my son's Junior CKC membership. Geared to young adults, my son found it to be a great resource (Adults will also enjoy it)

"How to Talk with Your Dog" by David Alterton. This book gives you the skills you need to communicate with your pet and understand what he's saying to you. Helps you figure out what makes Fido tick!

"The Pet Doctor:Your Total Guide to Dog and Cat Care" by Morton B. Caplan. An excellent reference to see why Fido is feeling under the weather.
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